Horses Behavin' Badly

by Dr. Jim and Lynda McCall


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Expressions: The Language of the Horse

Chapter 2: Aggression, But not Anger

Chapter 3: Riding over Fear

Chapter 4: Hang Ups, Obsessions and Fetishes

Chapter 5: Horse Phobias

Chapter 6: A Battle for Dominance: The Barn Sour Horse

Chapter 7: The Bucking Horse

Chapter 8: A Rearing Refusal

Chapter 9: Running Faster than You want to Ride

Chapter 10: The Fast Track to Ring Sour

Chapter 11: All Fall Down

Chapter 12: Ties That Bind

Chapter 13: Not my Head

Chapter 14: You Stump-Sucker, You

Chapter 15: Pre-Heat Syndrome

Chapter 16: A Match Made in Heaven

 Hardcover, 134 pps. $23.95

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