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After 30 odd years of breaking and training horses, a Ph.D. in Horse Reproduction, managing over 300 stallions, writing over 400 articles, teaching more than 5,000 students and experiencing extensively the multi-faceted horse business, McCall is firmly established as a leading authority in the equine world. Sharing his knowledge with you, Jimani Publications features Jim's first three books as well as his free-lounging video.


Horses Behavin' Badly

Few things in this world are more frustrating to horse owners than a horse behavin' badly. It's hard sometimes not to take it personally when this creature we take care of, often love, and certainly pay the bill on, seemingly thinks up ways to frustrate our human goals.

Bad behaviors can range from those mildly irritating, all the way to downright dangerous. Often it is nothing short of astonishing what a horse can think up as a way of avoiding whatever it is the human wants to do.

But there is help in this book.  Half Halt Press


 The Stallion: A Breeding  Guide for Owners and Handlers

When I  received The Stallion, A Breeding Guide for Owners and Handlers, I opened it initially intending just to glance through the book.  About eight chapters later I was still at my desk reading.   Whether you are involved in the breeding business or not "The Stallion" is definitely worth adding to your equine library.  In keep with McCall style, the book is highly entertaining.  Yet although it is enjoyable to read, it is no less complex or detailed in content and provides endless insights into the behavior and psychology of the breeding stallion.

McCall's thirty years of experience in the horse business, combined with his enjoyable writing style and detailed exploration of the subject matter, make this a book an excellent reference and all-around good read!    Show Trail                           


Influencing Horse Behavior

Horse Psychology 101 is written by one of the leading gurus of equine behavior. Dr. Jim McCall has studied the behavior of horses for over fifty years. He has professionally trained horses for over forty years including competitive horses from all the major breeds for both English and Western events as well as race horses.

Before you train your next horse, read this book.  Don Blazer



Free Lounging with Body English

As seen  on CBS "Sportsbeat". and in Equus and Horse and Rider Magazine.  Learn how to train  your horse using Horse Body English.


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