Horses Behavin' Badly


by Dr. Jim and Lynda McCall

"Why 's he doing that!"


Few things in this world are more frustrating to horse owners than a horse behavin' badly. It's hard sometimes not to take it personally when this creature we take care of, often love, and certainly pay the bill on, seemingly thinks up ways to frustrate our human goals.

Bad behaviors can range from those mildly irritating, all the way to downright dangerous. Often it is nothing short of astonishing what a horse can think up as a way of avoiding whatever it is the human wants to do.

But there is help! In this book Dr. Jim McCall and his wife and partner Lynda offer real training solutions to problem equine behaviors. Based on a thorough understanding of horse behavior and with a deep love and respect for the horse, the McCalls offer more than one possible solution to some of the most common equine behavior problems such as running away, rearing, spooking, disobedience and more.

You'll learn how to interpret horse behavior and to understand the why behind the problem, looking at it from the horse's point of view. You'll even learn how to speak "horse" and to use methods the horse understands most in correcting the problem behaviors.

And, perhaps, best yet, through the process of training out a bad behavior you'll become closer to your equine partner, developing a bond that most horsemen and women only dream about.


ISBN 0-939481-50-2.  Hardbound.  134 pages and illustrations. $23.95

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