The Pool of Knowledge

by Dr. Jim and Lynda McCall

Nutrition  Topics

"Does Your Horse have a Big Head? "- Poor nutrition can cause the head of young horses to grow large and coarse.

"Hound Dogs & Cabbage" - Getting horses to eat what you want

"Cool Clean Fresh Water" - Importance of water
"Winter Energy" - Energy requirements in the winter
"Food for Thought" - Weanling nutrition

Creep Feeding Foals - Especially important for foals out of old mares or poor milking mares

"Little Things Make a Difference" - Vitamin E and Selenium 

Stallion  Topics

Is the stallion worth his stud fee? -tools for evaluating whether a stallion's stud fee is a good buy

"Spotlight Your Stallion" - Marketing stallions

Fertility Rites: Criteria and evaluation of stallion semen.

Breeding Two Year Old Stallions - Considerations and expectations

Castration of Cryptorchid - advise for how, when and where to deal with stallions with one testicle.

Castration of Older Stallions - is it ever to late to castrate a stallion.

Broodmare Topics

"When in Doubt, Stitch - Caslick operation for mares

"Pregnancy is a Private Matter" New research into the gestation length of mares

"Foal Heat Breeding" The pros and cons of breeding a mare on foal heat

Progesterone: Guilty Till Proven Innocence And it shouldn't be! Other culprits can cause mares to slip their foals.


Foal Topics

Hemolytic Icterus, Milk Fever - A Possible Killer of Newborn Foals

Jeepers  Creepers, Suckling Nutrition - the importance of creep feeding foals


Herd Health Topics

"Floating Along" - Floating a horse's teeth

"Circle Of Life" - Dealing with blood worms

"Wolf Teeth "- Teeth that must be removed before putting a bit in a young horse's mouth

'No Sweat" - Horses that don't sweat. What can be done. Start early. When the hot weather comes, it's too late!

Groovy Teeth - Aging horses by their teeth during the difficult years after 10 years of age.

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